Mets' Mickey Callaway Says "Simple Things" Prevent Injuries

If Mets fans remember one thing about the team's 2017 campaign, it will be how injuries derailed the effort about as soon as it began.

Strains, breaks, tears and other maladies put the Mets' post-season chances in jeopardy early and the team was never able to right itself, finishing second-to-last in the NL East division. 

Newly installed Mets Manager Mickey Callaway has spent a lot of time exploring how to preserve the health of his roster. He says work towards a more competitive 2018 starts this winter.

"There's so many different reasons why [players get injured] and it's not just who the medical staff was," Callaway told 710WOR's Len Berman Monday morning. 

"For every guy it was something different. Something as simple as Yoenis Cespedes drinking water so he doesn't pull a hamstring. That's a simple thing that he probably wasn't doing enough of. Those muscles become tight and you pull it. Because he's a crazy freak athlete that can do things that most people can't."

The Mets star slugger Cespedes was limited with injuries to just 81 games in 2017 after signing a three-year, $75 million contract the previous fall. 

At one point in May the Mets had eight players on the disabled list, including Cespedes, first baseman Lucas Duda, catcher Travis d'Arnaud and three starting pitchers.

Callaway says he and the training staff are going to work with players to help them develop healthier habits to carry through their winter workouts and into the grind of the 2018 season. 

"We just need to go through exactly what our routines are and make sure that we are doing the right things to keep us healthy on the field. And that can really happen quickly, especially if we start implementing things this off-season."

Aside from avoiding injuries, Callaway says the biggest challenge for him coming into a new locker room will be gaining trust. 

"Creating a culture that guys knew they were cared for. Just building those relationships and showing that I care and that I'm not just, you know, saying these things is gonna be the biggest challenge. It takes time to earn people's respect."

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Photo: Nick Ciofalo

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