This Week's Weird News 3/26/21

Potential government revelations about the UFO phenomenon, a town council in England that put the kibosh on a ghost hunt in their community, and a man who received his final paycheck in the form of thousands of grease-covered pennies were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

One of the most amusing stories we've seen in a while occurred this past week in England where a paranormal group's request to investigate a historic venue was shot down by local politicians fearing what they might uncover. The organization Devon Free Spirits had hoped to gain access to a nearly two-century-old guildhall in the community of Barnstaple, but their appeal was rebuffed by perturbed members of the town council, who argued that if there are spirits in the venue, it would be best to leave them alone rather than give proverbial life to the ghosts and wind up scaring residents.

The UFO phenomenon made headlines on several occasions this past week, beginning with a tantalizing interview from former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe wherein he suggested that a forthcoming government report on the enigma could be rather revelatory. Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, an unfortunate witness to an unidentified object soaring through the sky wound up needing medical attention when the oddity frightened him so much that he fell off his motorcycle. And, in Mississippi, a curious sighting of what seemed to be a cluster of UFOs turned out to merely be a bevy of sky lanterns.

Easily the weirdest story of the week unfolded in Georgia where a man awaiting his final paycheck following a contentious split from his former job wound up receiving the funds in the form of thousands of grease-covered pennies. Owed $915, Andreas Flaten was not amused when he left his house a few weeks ago and discovered a massive mound of 91,500 coins sitting in his driveway along with an expletive-laden pay stub. Left with little recourse since the payment was in legal tender, the irritated man now spends hours each night cleaning the pennies in the hopes of someday being able to spend the money.

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