'Married At First Sight' Reveals Which Atlanta Couples Opted For Divorce

Ten singles in Atlanta took the ultimate plunge and got married at first sight — but some of them divorced after the eight-week process (one couple even parted ways DURING the process).

Season 12 of the Lifetime reality show culminated with “Decision Day,” which aired on Wednesday (May 12). Three relationship experts paired five sets of strangers with one another to get legally married, without knowing anything about their future partner — not even a name — until they reach the altar.

This week, the Married at First Sight season finale revealed which couples decided to stay married and which ones opted to split.

Here’s what each couple decided (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Clara and Ryan

Despite fears of not being loved in return and differing views of intimacy, Clara has maintained throughout the season that if she could create a perfect man for her, it would be Ryan (a solid “dog dad” to Miska).

The two decided to stay committed to their marriage. They toasted with the panel of experts to celebrate choosing one another.

Hayley and Jacob

Ultimately, the woman who dubbed herself “always a bridesmaid” and the man with an obsession for everything ‘80s just couldn’t find common ground. Jacob told the experts on Decision Day that he wasn’t sure they tried enough during their eight-week marriage. He wasn’t willing to continue to try. Hayley said she felt that they often had the same conversations every day.

Both partners opted for divorce.

Paige and Chris

Although Paige and Chris parted ways shortly into the process — amid pregnancy news from Chris’ ex-fiancee and other dramatic revelations — they both showed up for Decision Day.

Chris revealed more news from his ex and stirred old emotions during the whirlwind decision process. Overwhelmed, Paige broke down in tears and production staff took a break to console her.

Chris advocated for an “undecided” verdict — which expert Dr. Viviana quickly said she was “not OK with” — but ultimately, Paige knew she couldn’t stay in their marriage.

Virginia and Erik

The pair had their differences — including on partying and remaining friends with exes — but they also experienced quick chemistry.

On Decision Day, Erik got down on one knee and officially proposed to Virginia, who beamed as she said ‘yes.’

Vincent and Briana

Vincent might not have been ready for such a “bossy” wife, but he and Briana consistently worked to learn each other’s communication styles to get through any bumps in the road, becoming a power couple of the season.

The two forged a deep bond in only eight weeks, which led Vincent to also get down on one knee (except he proposed with a cheesecake instead of a ring).

He and Briana remained happily married.

What’s next?

After making their decisions, the group of 10 caught up with one another to find out which of their friends stayed married and which of them returned to the single life.

Next week, Lifetime will air the Married at First Sight Season 12 reunion special for fans to catch up with the cast since filming ended.

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