VIDEO: Mom Details How Hospital Switched Her Babies At Birth... Twice

Children being switched at birth seems more likely to be the plot of a movie on Lifetime than something that actually happens, but how likely is it really? Well according to one mom, very, because it happened to her not once, but twice.

Her name is Becky Martin and she shared her story on TikTok, answering another user's question about what you would do if you discovered your two-year-old child was not actually yours because of a mix-up at the hospital. In her response, Becky says that while she didn't find out her kid was switched at age two, she did see it nearly happen, twice, right after giving birth.

She explained that with her first child, they wheeled in a baby boy and told her they fed her baby for her. She responded, "I'm breastfeeding," and they said, "Oh sorry, wrong baby." Then, after the birth of her second child, they brought in a baby girl and said, "Here's your daughter," but Becky explained to them her daughter was already in the room.

When it came time to give birth to her third child, she made sure that she never took her eyes off of the baby, but had to fight to do that. Becky said:

"Of course, they fought us on it. The charge nurse came in and said, 'We have to take that baby out to do testing,' and I said, 'Well, you can either do it in my room or I’ll accompany you to the lab, or we’ll do it at his first doctor’s appointment.' So she tattled to the OB-GYN who came in and made fun of me and said, 'That's right Becky, we're all trying to steal your baby,' and I was like, 'Hey, once is an accident, twice is a pattern.'"

Becky ended her video stating, "If you ever wonder what pushes a woman to become an advocate of home birth, that’s one of many reasons."

Photo: Getty Images