Have You Encountered Georgia's Most Dangerous Animal?

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The most dangerous animal in Georgia is a common animal to fear. Many are scared of these creatures, as coming in contact with the wrong species could be life threatening. Due to camouflage-like colors, it is easy to mistake this creature for something typically found in a certain area. If you come into contact with one of these animals, you will want to contact a pest control service rather than handle it yourself.

According to a list compiled by Explored Planet, the most dangerous animal in all of Georgia is a venomous snake. Ranging from Copperheads to Diamondbacks; these creatures slither all throughout Georgia and leave no stone unturned. Snake bite rates for the state have risen every year since 2017, with the most bites reported in the Summer season.

Here is what Explored Planet had to say about the most dangerous animal in Georgia:

"Some species of snakes to look out for in Georgia include Copperheads, Cottonmouths, Coral snakes, Timber Pygmies, and Eastern Diamondbacks. According to the Georgia Poison Control Center, snake bites increased by a whopping 40 percent in 2017 and have been increasing every year since. Since winters are shorter and warmer, more snakes are coming out."

For a list of the most dangerous animals in each state visit HERE.

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