Have You Been To The Best Peach Farm In Georgia?

Ripe sweet peach fruits growing on a peach tree branch

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The best peach farm in the entire state of Georgia is family owned, and is located in the perfect spot for all to enjoy. The farm even encourages guests to venture beyond the cobbler, and allows them to pick their own fruit at the farm!

According to Atlanta Eater, the best peach farm in Georgia is Beery Good Farms in Tifton. This peach farm is located directly off of I-75, making it the perfect spot for traveling locals and tourists to stop and enjoy some peach refreshments. Though the stand appears to be quite humble from the outside, the farm continues for acres. In addition to the state fruit, Beery Good Farms also sells strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and more! You have to call ahead to secure a time to pick the fruit yourself.

Here is what Atlanta Eater had to say about the best peach farm in the entire state:

"Looking to stretch those legs and break up the monotony during a drive south down I-75 to Florida? Consider adding Berry Good Farms to the road trip itinerary. In addition to blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries, Berry Good offers peaches that are ripe for the picking. Berry Good is a modest, family-owned operation, so call ahead to secure a U-pick spot."

For a list that details more of the best peach farms in Georgia visit HERE.

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