Have You Been To The Most Beautiful Place In Georgia?

Seagulls on the coast

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Each U.S. state has its own unique scenery that makes America a beautiful place to live and explore. The wild West outlines painted desert landscapes amidst pastel sunsets that stain the horizon, while states along the Pacific coast detail island-like formations surrounded by crystal clear ocean water and giant towering trees. The Northeast boasts rolling hills and historical infrastructure, while the Midwest and Southern regions contribute natural lakes, hiking trails, and miles of crops that square out the landscape, almost as if the land itself were an earth-toned quilt.

According to a list put together by Travel & Leisure, the most beautiful place in all of Georgia is Cumberland Island. Cumberland Island is a great place for everything outdoors. From relaxing in nature, to partaking in competitive water sports; there is no shortage of adventure on this island.

Here is what Travel & Leisure had to say about the most beautiful place in Georgia:

"It's hard to imagine a place better suited to peace seekers, bird-watchers, and even history fans than car-free Cumberland Island. Development on the Georgia barrier island is limited to the stately Greyfield Inn, and the rest of the nearly 10,000 acres is congressionally protected nature. When you're not strolling the driftwood-strewn beaches, you can kayak the quiet waterways and stop by the Gilded Age-era Dungeness ruins."

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