This Is Georgia's Weirdest Law

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For a law to be "stranger than fiction," it has to be pretty strange. Though 'weird' and 'strange' are both subjective terms, some laws are so out there that there is little disagreement as to how strange they truly are. We are left to wonder, "how did that ever get signed as a law?" Regardless of how we feel about it, breaking the law can result in fine or imprisonment.

According to a unique list compiled by Far & Wide, the weirdest law in all of Georgia is that llama activities are 'at your own risk.' This means that any harm that is done to you by a llama that you chose to come into contact with has nothing to do with the state. The law was created in 1991.

Here is what Far & Wide had to say about the weird Georgia law:

"It’s unclear why this law was necessary. Who knew there was such a high population of llama-riders in the state of Georgia? In any event, according to law, anyone who participates in "llama activities" is responsible for any injuries that they may suffer. According to Georgia, llamas are inherently risky, and the state wants no part of it."

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