This Was The Deadliest Natural Disaster In Georgia History

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Photo: Getty Images

The deadliest natural disaster to ever plague Georgia was the Sea Island Hurricane of 1893. The New Georgia Encyclopedia recalled the incident as one of the deadliest hurricanes in American history. The Center Square mentioned that due to its geographical location, Georgia is the subject of a variety of natural disasters. The state is not excluded from hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, or wildfires. Not many states are located in a region where all of these natural disasters are possible.

Using data from a study conducted by 24/7 Wall Street, it was determined that over 2,000 people were killed as a result of the hurricane. After the catastrophic event occurred, over 30,000 people lost their homes and had no where to go. Though they did have storm warnings in the 1890's that would prepare Americans for impending weather conditions, communication of the event traveled slowly.

Instead of a news app on a cellphone, Georgian's existing in 1893 had to wait to receive news of the event via telegraph or simply hear of the storm from a neighbor. According to The New Georgia Encyclopedia, word of the hurricane did not even reach certain communities along the coast that were severely hit. After the hurricane ravaged the area, it took locals over 10 months to rebuild homes and replenish food supplies.

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