Bed Bugs Discovered On Chair At Georgia Library

bed-bug: cimex lectularius  on human

Photo: Getty Images

The Athens-Clarke County Library came across an unfortunate discovery this week that has caused the library to be temporarily closed for the next few days. According to Red And Black, bed bugs were found in a chair located on the second floor, and the library is taking full precaution in consideration of their visitors. The library put out a press release that stressed the importance of closing the library for the safety of visitors, and to allow for proper cleaning throughout the library.

"The Athens-Clarke County Library will be closed Friday, September 30 - Sunday, October 2 for maintenance," the most recent update on the library website stated.

A few events that were to be held on the days that the library will now be closed are being rescheduled for a different date. Red And Black mentioned that the book sale will take place after the library is re-opened and bed bug free. The library plans to hire a professional pest control specialist and cleaning crew to completely rid the establishment of the bugs, and any other concerns that they may come across. Red And Black noted that those curious of event times and a re-opening date can continuously check the library website for updates.

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